auto-emailFor your convenience, we can send electronically generated results thru emails.

  • For our Walk-in Patients you may specify an email address when filling up the request forms and informing our Client Service Representatives.
  • For our Clients kindly coordinate with our Sales & Marketing Representatives your email address where the results will be sent.

Please ensure that you provide a valid and complete email address.

  • The first part of the email address is the JuanDelaCruz which you specify when creating an email address. This is what you call a Username. This is a unique name recognized by each mail server.
  • The second part is the @ symbol which separates the unique username from the domain name.
  • The last part is the Domain. In our example the is the domain. It is also important to provide us the complete domain. Take note that and is different and in this case it’s possible that the you may not receive any emails from us when this is not properly supplied.

If you have not received any email results from us in your inbox you may do the following:

  1. If you have a local system administrator or if your email is provided by the company, you may want to contact them as our emails contain PDF files and images and this might be blocked by your system administrator.
  2. Check your SPAM/JUNK E-MAIL.
    • If our email was sent to SPAM/JUNK E-MAIL, kindly check our emails and click NOT SPAM.This will help us and our mail server to identify that our emails are not SPAM/JUNK E-MAIL.It is also advisable to add our email address to your Address Book to prevent our mails to be redirected to your SPAM/JUNK E-MAIL.
    • If you are using OUTLOOK or Mobile Applications your SPAM/JUNK E-MAIL may not be synced with your device. To be able to sync this, you may have to log-in to your web account and access your settings for Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

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