How to access our Internet Reporting

  • On the lower-left part of the website you will see the Internet Reporting Menu
  • Select the brach you want to access.*For Advance Diagnostic Veterinary Laboratory please choose Diagnostic Vet Lab
  • Click GO to continue.
Internet Reporting
Web browser will open a new website

  • Specify the Username and Password provided by the system admin.
  • Click SIGN IN to continue.

  • Shows immediate information about the statistics of the reports for the specific Date Range
  • User may click the statistic numbers to show the details.
  • Also shows the current translation used by the system.
  • Users may click the translation to change the current translation.

  • This option box lets the user change the default translation that will be used by the system.
  • After Log-In, a dialog box will show to set the default translation.
  • Default Translation may also be changed thru dashboard.
Categorized Result

  • This shows all the reports categorized to its status.
  • To narrow down the result, the user may filter the view by date range ot by view option (i.e. Unread, Read & All).
  • The user may also click the header to sort the results.
  • To see the report details, user must click the view link.
Categorized Result
Result Details

  • In this page the user may view the immediate patient and test ordered information or download the printable format.
  • Patient Information
  • Ordered Test List
  • View Printable FormatClick View to show the printable format with all basic information of the result.
  • Download Printable FormatClick Download to download the printable format with all basic information of the result.
  • The system also shows the same report generated from the LIS except in the footer that says “THIS REPORT IS ELECTRONICALLY GENERATED. NO SIGNATURE/S REQUIRED”


Patient Info

Test Info

Find Specific Report

  • The user may also find the specific report regardless of its category.
  • To narrow down the search, the user may specify some filters.
Specific Report


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